How to Get a Cash Advance From an American Express Card

Getting a cash advance from an American Express card requires a little bit of research and planning, but is generally fairly simple. In fact, the company has a program in place called Express Cash which is designed to make the entire process as simple as possible. In situations where Express Cash does not apply, there is a backup method for getting a cash advance from an American Express card.
Express Cash is a system that will place a PIN on your credit card for a pre-determined amount of time. The PIN will generally come off as a security precaution at the end of this period in order to protect all possible parties in the event of theft or fraud. There may be levels of American Express card with permanent PINs but specific and reliable information on the higher echelon American Express cards is notoriously hard to verify.
Using Express Cash is simple. Simply dial the American Express hotline at 1-800-CASH-NOW (227-4699) and enroll in the Express Cash program if you have not already done so. In most cases the system will attempt to identify you and will potentially transfer you to a customer care representative in order to complete the verification process. Upon successful completion of the verification process you will be issued a PIN. Be sure to ask how long the PIN will be active for and what the process is for renewing or changing the PIN if required. If you have any additional questions such as inquiries about fees and rates or your maximum spending limit via Express Cash, then now would be an excellent time to ask those questions.
Once a PIN has been issued you can use your American Express card at any ATM with an American Express logo. The entire process will be fairly simple and straight forward, but not all areas will have ATMs with American Express logos.
In such cases you would be well advised to visit a financial institution that proudly displays the American Express logo. Such institutions will typically support the Express Cash program and offer you a cash advance from an American Express card if they are open.

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