How to Send Money Online Using My American Express Card

Sending money online using your American Express card is an easy process, or rather at least one of many easy processes. There are at least three major ways to send money online using your American Express card: sending an American Express gift card, using a third party money transfer service, or sending/depositing funds into another person’s account. Each of these methods has its own unique ups and downs as well as availability restrictions.
Perhaps the easiest way most people can send money using their American Express card over the Internet is to order an online gift card. This enables you to send money online using your American Express card in such a way that the recipient ends up with a gift card that can act like a credit card or store credit. The entire process is usually simple but requires knowing which site to use. Keep in mind that there are probably going to be restrictions for buying a gift card that is destined to be used in a foreign country. There will also be an obvious delay while the order is processed and eventually mailed or sent via a courier service such as UPS.
Services such as Western Union, PayPal, and Xoom also offer the ability to transfer funds to another party. Each service has its own unique requirements so be sure to read up on each offering to know what steps must be followed and to be aware of any and all limitations. Generally speaking, this is the fastest way to get money into someone’s hands using your American Express card online.
Following closely behind this method would be the ability to deposit funds directly from your American Express card into someone’s account. Each card offered by American Express is a little different, and not all cards will even offer this as a service. Typically funds are sent via an electronic clearing house and are usually processed the next day. The receiving financial institution may impose a waiting period that is usually between 3 to 5 days in length.

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