If a high-end credit card is what you're after, then you really don't want to be without an Amex in your wallet.

American Express cards tend to offer some of the best credit cards rewards and earn rates around.

So what are these great perks that American Express cards offer?

How about return protection?

Trying to return an item to a store but they won't let you? Almost all American Express cards offer return protection. If the retailer won't take it back, American Express will give you a statement credit for it.

Want to go to the next hot concert?

American Express cards can help get you the tickets you want. They'll give you exclusive access to tickets as part of the Entertainment Access program.

Shop online a lot?

As part of having an American Express card, you'll get complimentary ShopRunner membership, giving you free 2-day shipping and returns at over 100 retailers.

Need we say more?

With several major banks offering American Express cards (in addition to American Express themselves), there's a wider variety of American Express cards than you may think.

And while acceptance may be the largest stumbling block, more and more stores are accepting them all the time. Here's our list of the top 10 American Express Cards you can get right now, so you can enjoy everything American Express has to offer.

Top 10 American Express Cards

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