If you're a USAA member or you're in the U.S. Armed Forces, USAA offers a variety of cards to suit everyone's needs.

To start, all cards have no annual fee (except for secured cards). Offering great rewards with no annual fee is definitely a big perk.

Plus, you'll never have to pay foreign exchange fees, which is another great way to save even more money when you're travelling or stationed abroad.

Every USAA card offers special benefits to current service members, including 4% APR on all card balances while you're deployed.

And with the ability to show your Armed Forces pride with a variety of Military Affiliate Card designs, you can get a personalized card to fit your tastes.

Best USAA travel card

The best USAA travel card available is the .

Why this card? You get the most points for your purchases:

  • 3 points per dollar spent on restaurants,
  • 2 points per dollar spent on gas and groceries, and
  • 1 point per dollar everywhere else.

Use your points for a variety of items including travel, gift cards, and cash redemptions. But keep in mind that redeeming for airfare is the best use of your points since each point is worth 1 cent.

USAA cash back cards

Looking for a cash back card? The is the card for you. This card offers the most amount of cash back among USAA cards:

  • 5% on gas and military base purchases (up to $3,000 spent per year)
  • 2% on groceries (up to $3,000 spent per year), and
  • unlimited 1% on everything else.

Max out the first two categories and you've already earned $210 just for making everyday purchases.

If a flat rate is your preference, then the is another card to consider.

You'll get an easy 1.5% cash back on all of your purchases. There's no limits, caps, or tiers to worry about. The same amount of cash back on every purchase.

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