One of America’s favorite airlines, Southwest offers a lot to love for the airline traveller.

As the last airline in the U.S. to offer 2 free checked bags on all flights, while also operating the most flights within the United States…it’s not hard to see why.

Want free flights on Southwest? Earning Rapid Rewards points will get you that – and more.

They’re flexible, easy to use, and (as you’ll see) not just for flights.

We’ll dive into everything the Southwest Rapid Rewards program has to offer, and get you flying for free in no time at all.

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Southwest Rapid Rewards at a glance

Value of a Rapid Rewards point: High: $0.015 for Southwest flights
Low: $0.0053 for merchandise
Ways to redeem Rapid Rewards points: * Flights on Southwest – 1.5 cents per point (CPP)
* Flights on other airlines – 0.9 CPP
* Car rentals – 0.75 CPP
* Hotels – 0.64 CPP
* Gift cards – 0.7 CPP
* Merchandise – 0.53 CPP
* Experiences
How to earn Rapid Rewards points: * Southwest flights
* Car rentals
* Hotels
* 3 credit cards
Who these rewards are good for: * U.S Travellers
Frequently Asked Questions: * Level of flexibility? Medium
* Blackout dates? No
* Do rewards expire? No
* Rewards cover taxes and fees? No
* Can these rewards be transferred? Yes
* Is there a way to earn rewards faster? Yes
* How to access Southwest login
* Southwest customer service contact

Calculating the value of a Southwest Rapid Rewards point

While redeeming for Southwest flights will no doubt be the first choice for many, there are many other ways to use your points as well.

Redeem for flights on Southwest Airlines – 1.5 CPP

On top of it being the rewards redemption of choice, redeeming for flights on Southwest also provides the best value as well.

We surveyed many flights of varying length within the continental U.S., to Hawaii, and to some Mexican and Carribean destinations as well.

Some ground rules for our example flights:

  • We looked at trips departing 3 months in advance,
  • had a set trip length of 5 days, centred around a weekend, and,
  • were direct flights that needed the fewest points.

To see our results, this PDF has the details.

Almost every flight came out to a value of 1.5 cents per point, with a handful that were either slightly above or below that average.

By in large, it wasn’t hard to find seats or flights that required few points. It was only just over 25,000 points for our most expensive flight, which was our longest one between Baltimore and Seattle.

One flight needed less than 8,000 points to book.

Overall, as long as the actual price of the flights was low, the amount of points you need to book goes down as well.

Flights on other airlines – 0.9 CPP

One of Southwest’s glaring holes is its inability to fly you outside the U.S., Mexico, or the Caribbean. They don’t operate any other flights, nor do they have any airline partners.

Luckily, you can use your points to book flights that travel outside the United States on any airline – but you’ll lose point value.

It’s not easy to find, but to access this, login to your account, and under the Rapid Rewards tab click “Redeem for More Rewards” (shown below):

Getting to More Rewards with Southwest Rapid Rewards

Then under “Travel,” click on “Airfare” and you’ll be able to book any flight, as long as it leaves the U.S.

With that said, you’ve lost a lot of value in your points. We surveyed some flights to Canada, Europe, and Asia, and only got a point value of 0.9 cents each (see our results here).

It’s definitely best to book flights with Southwest wherever possible, but should you want to venture beyond where they fly, the option exists for you to do so with Rapid Rewards points.

Rental Cars – 0.75 CPP

Of course, there’s more ways to redeem your points for travel than just flights. If you need a rental car at your destination your Rapid Rewards points can be used to book a rental car.

We test booked mid size cards at various airports around the U.S. and got a value of 0.75 cents per point. Our results can be found here.

Hotel stays – 0.64 CPP

Hotels are the last way you can use points to redeem for free travel. We looked at various hotels around the U.S. for 2 night weekend stays.

Of your travel options, hotels provide the least value at 0.64 cents per point – but that’s still better than the rest of your (non-travel) options. You can see the full hotel details here.

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Gift cards – 0.7 CPP

For the simple day to day saver, you can redeem your points towards gift cards at various retailers.

You can redeem for gift cards in $25, $50, and $100 denominations.

With a few exceptions, each denomination has the same value:

Gift Card Value Points Required Point Value (cents)
$25 4,050 0.62
$50 6,750 0.74
$100 13,500 0.74

Merchandise – 0.53 CPP

For goods you can get right away, the Rapid Rewards merchandise catalogue is quite extensive.

But like most programs, merchandise doesn’t yield a great value for your points – only 0.53 cents for this program.

Here’s what we surveyed for merchandise, with the real price coming from Amazon:

Item Mile Price* Point Value
Sonos Boost 17,431 $106 0.61
Sony Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 16,722 $74 0.44
Nikon Coolpix A1000 Digital Camera 77,903 $510 0.66
Apple iPad 9.7″ 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular for Apple SIM 76,706 $352 0.46
Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) 40mm 85,371 $480 0.56
Bose Home Smart Speaker 300 40,194 $277 0.69
Google Home Max 66,234 $320 0.48
Samsung 40″ NU7100 Smart 4K UHD TV 72,823 $375 0.51
Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB 86,187 $388 0.45
Beats Solo3 Wireless On Ear Headphones 43,930 $171 0.39

* Price includes an average sales tax of 8%.


Lastly, you can use your points to redeem for experiences.

These will get you things like entrance to museums, bus tours, local cruises, food tastings, and much more. These are available in locations all across the U.S.

Many of these items are hard to put a price on, so whether or not you want to use your points depends on how much the activity is worth to you.

To see what’s available, head to the “More rewards” section and click on the “Experiences” tab.

Earning Southwest Rapid Rewards

There’s a few ways to earn Southwest Rapid Rewards:

  • You can earn points when you fly,
  • stay at a hotel, or
  • use an affiliated credit card.

Earn Southwest Rapid Rewards by flying

You earn points every time you fly with Southwest.

How many you earn depends on the fare type and amount.

Here’s the breakdown, with an example for each of the 3 fare classes Southwest offers:

Earning points on Southwest flights

Earn Southwest Rapid Rewards at hotels

When you stay at select hotels chains, you can choose to earn Rapid Rewards points instead of collecting the hotel chain’s currency.

Here are the hotel chains that can earn you Rapid Rewards points, keeping in mind how many you can earn varies by the chain. You can find out more by going here.

Southwest Rapid Rewards hotel partners.

Earn Southwest Rapid Rewards on car rentals

To cover your entire journey, earn Southwest Rapid Reward points on rental cars.

Here are their partners, and again how many points you earn varies by the who you go with.

Southwest Rapid Rewards car rental partners.

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards credit cards

If you want to earn Rapid Rewards points on your every purchase, Chase offers 3 credit cards that will get you exactly that.

Each one comes with the same welcome bonus and earn rates. The welcome bonuses are always changing so it’s best to check the website directly, but here are the earn rates for all 3 cards:

  • 2 points per $1 spent on Southwest purchases,
  • 2 points per $1 spent on Rapid Rewards hotel and car rental partner purchases, and
  • 1 point per $1 on everything else.

What really separates these cards are the perks. How much of an annual fee you want to pay will vary by how much you value the provided perks.

And since Southwest gives every passenger 2 free checked bags, that’s one perk these cards won’t be able to dish out.

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Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Visa

The top offering of the group is the . It has the highest annual fee of $149, but also the most perks:

  • 7,500 anniversary points every year,
  • $75 annual Southwest travel credit,
  • 4 upgraded boardings per year, and
  • no foreign transaction fees.

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Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Visa

The mid level offering is the . For an annual fee of $99, this card will get you:

  • 6,000 anniversary points every year and
  • no foreign transaction fees.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Visa

The base level card, the , only offers 3,000 anniversary bonus points for an annual fee of $69.

Southwest Rapid Rewards questions and answers

How flexible are these rewards?

All in all, these are fairly flexible rewards.

You can use your points to book any available seat on Southwest, and use your points for hotels, car rentals, as well as cash-like items like gift cards.

Are there blackout dates?

No, provided there are available seats on Southwest, you can use your Rapid Rewards points any time.

Do these rewards expire?

No, provided there’s at least one transaction on your account every 2 years.

Can you use points to cover taxes & fees?

Points don’t cover taxes and fees when redeeming for Southwest flights. But they’re covered when you redeem for flights from other airlines, as well as hotels and car rentals.

Can these rewards be transferred?

No, these rewards cannot be transferred to other partners.

Is there a way to earn rewards faster?

Yes, by using both your Rapid Rewards number and credit card on Southwest flights, hotel stays, and car rentals.

How to access your Rapid Rewards login

To access your Rapid Rewards login, go to and click log in at the top right corner.

Southwest customer service contact info

To contact Southwest customer service, call 1-800-435-9792.

In conclusion

For the Southwest fan, the Rapid Rewards program is a great way to fly for (almost) free anywhere Southwest flies.

And with no blackout dates and lots of rewards seats – you have a lot of flexibility within Southwest.

Plus, you can also use points to pay for other parts of travelling, like hotels and car rentals.

What are your thoughts on the Rapid Rewards program?

Do you love or hate it?

Let us know in the comments below.